washing your nappies

Caring for your Bambino Mio nappies is easy. Follow our guidelines below which will tell you how to wash your reusable nappies, get rid of those stubborn stains and strip wash your nappies.

nappy washing

How should I wash my Bambino Mio nappies?

Use your Bambino Mio nappy bucket to store your used nappies. There is no need to soak your nappies, simply store them dry in your nappy bucket until you are ready to wash. We recommend washing your nappies up to 60 degrees© using a non-biological washing powder. We also recommend you add one scoop of miofresh to your washing powder as this is designed to clean, freshen and deodorise your reusable nappies.

Other tips:

  • Don't forget to fold back the laundry tabs on your nappies and nappy covers to protect the Velcro® tabs.
  • Do not use fabric softner when washing as this will affect the absorbency of your nappies.

Are all non-biological (enzyme free) detergents the same?

They are all designed to wash clothes, but no two brands are identical. Some brands will have different methods of producing washing powders in large volumes at lower costs, this doesn't necessarily mean that the best wash is obtained from a big brand detergent. However, in the case of reusable nappy washing, more specialist products can provide more absorbency and less irritation for your baby as well as great stain removal.

Bambino Mio's miocare washing powder is an environmentally friendly washing powder which is ideal for baby's sensitive skin and allows you to wash effectively at lower temperatures.

  • non-biological (enzyme free)
  • made from plant and mineral based ingredients
  • no dyes, synthetic perfumes or optical brighteners which are found in conventional washing powders
  • biodegradable
  • fragrance free

What is the difference between non-biological (enzyme free) and biological washing powders?

Non-biological powders have less prospect of irritating the skin. However, they do still need to perform as a washing powder. Enzymes found in biological washing powder are used to speed up the chemical reaction and help remove stains. Enzymes can remain in the fabric after washing which can cause some to have an allergic reaction. To remove stains without using a biological (enzymes) washing powder, please see our section on stains below.

Why should we avoid optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances?

Optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances are used to make whites appear brighter and fabric smell fresher; these can be found in some conventional washing powders. Optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances can remain on the fabric after washing and can irritate the skin. If your baby is particularly sensitive you may need to rinse the nappies several times to ensure the optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances are completely removed, alternatively use a non-biological detergent which is free from these things.


Does the sun naturally bleach stains?


Does bicarbonate of soda remove stains?


How would you remove stubborn stains?

Add a scoop of miofresh to your wash and wash at 60 degrees© or soak in a solution of miofresh (30mL of miofresh for every 5 litres of water).

strip washing

Why do you need to strip wash your nappies?

Strip washing is something which is mentioned on many websites and forums. Over time there may be a build up of washing powder or residual bacteria in your reusable nappies resulting in a strong smell of ammonia and/or reduced absorbency. If this is the case you will need to strip wash your nappies to restore the absorbency to optimum performance and comfort. You may also want to strip wash your reusable nappies if you have purchased pre-loved nappies or have received them second hand.

A standard washing powder when used on its own is not designed to kill bacteria. To prevent a build up we recommend you regularly use a nappy cleanser such as miofresh which is designed to clean, freshen and deodorise your reusable nappies at low temperatures.

How do I strip wash my nappies?

To eliminate odours and restore absorbency and softness you can strip wash reusable nappies occasionally (every 4-5 months). Simply soak your nappies in a hand hot solution of miofresh for at least 2 hours. (30mL of miofresh for every 5 litres of water.) After soaking, wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees© and give your nappies an additional rinse afterwards. Line dry in strong sunlight where possible. Note: For miosolo (all-in-one nappy) only soak the core of the nappy keeping the laminated fabric out of the soaking solution.