which diaper?

There are so many reasons why parents are switching to cloth diapers and everyone's reason is different; whether it's to help the environment, avoid chemicals against baby's skin, or save some money, cloth diapers are increasing in popularity every year.

We offer a choice of two different diaper systems to suit you and your lifestyle. Some parents choose one diaper system, while others choose to use a combination of the two. Take a look below to see what system is right for you.

two-piece diaper system

Which Nappy - Miosoft

  • Made up of two parts a diaper (mionappy) and a water resistant diaper cover (miosoft).
  • The economical choice – ideal for everyday needs.
  • The diaper can be folded to suit the individual needs of your baby and tucks inside the diaper cover.
  • 100% cotton diaper is beautifully soft, natural and breathable next to baby's skin.
  • Different size diapers and covers mean a slim fit without any unnecessary bulk. (nappies: available in 2 sizes, size 1 – ideal up to 6 months and size 2 – from 6 months to potty training. covers: available in 5 sizes from newborn to extra large).
  • You don't need to wash the cover after every change – reduces your washing and the need to buy lots of diapers and covers.
  • The diapers are hard-wearing and may be used on more than one child.

what do I need?

what do I need?

miosolo (all-in-one diaper)

Which Nappy - Miosolo

  • The simplest diaper to put on baby - designed for busy parents.
  • The miosolo is one size and grows with baby from birth to potty training.*
  • The diaper has a super absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer that prevents moisture seeping back onto baby's skin.
  • The absorbent core has a unique pull-out tab system for for improved washing performance and fast drying.
  • Although the core pulls out, it stays attached and has a cleverly designed tuck-in pocket for easy insertion.
  • The diaper is made from a stay soft fabric which remains soft even after washing, providing a cool and comfortable diaper for baby.

what do I need?

you may also need:

  • mioliners (diaper liners) - liners can be used with any cloth diaper. They help protect the diaper from soiling and can be composted when wet or flushed when soiled. They also have a one way action, keeping the surface of the diaper dryer and more comfortable on baby's skin
  • mioboost (diaper booster) - perfect to add to either diaper system when more absorbency is needed, ideal for overnight and long journeys
  • miofresh (diaper cleanser) - this allows you to wash your diapers from 30°, simply add a scoop to your normal washing powder and the miofresh will clean, freshen and deodorise your cloth diapers

other items you may consider:

  • diaper bucket – ideal for storing dirty diapers
  • laundry bags – clips into the diaper bucket, when ready for washing place the filled laundry bag into the washing machine to avoid handling the dirty diapers
  • miowipes – made from 100% cotton fibre, these natural baby wipes are flushable and are perfect for sensitive skin
  • miocare – a biodegradable ,non bio washing powder with natural extracts
  • wet diaper bag – ideal for storing used diapers when out and about