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Ultimate Guide to Sun Protection for Babies and Children: Tips, Products, and Family Hacks

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  • Parent Life Product
  • 10 / 07 / 2024

As the summer sun shines brighter, it's essential to keep our little ones safe and happy while they enjoy the great outdoors. Together with our friends at Green People, we’ve pulled together some brilliant tips to ensure your toddlers and babies stay protected from harmful UV rays.

  1. Cover Up: Dress them in lightweight, long-sleeve shirts and hats with wide brims. Bambino Mio’s Protective Rash Top and Reversible swim hat are soft and stretchy for easy exploring with clever UPF 40+ sun protection.
  2. Sunscreen: Use a broad-spectrum SPF 50 and reapply every two hours or after swimming – see our recommendation below on which sun cream to try!
  3. Shade: Create play areas in the shade, especially during peak sun hours (11 AM - 3 PM).
  4. Hydration: Keep children hydrated with plenty of water.
  5. Sleep: When the nights are warm, keep blinds and curtains closed through the day, try cooler baths before sleep cool bedding by adding cold water to hot water bottles.


You should apply children’s sun cream to any exposed areas of skin, including the face, neck, wrists, hands, legs, and feet. We highly recommend the Green People Organic Children Lavender Sunscreen SPF50. It's broad-spectrum, high-factor and non-greasy, and it gives peace-of-mind protection to sensitive young skin using skin-kind organic Aloe Vera and water-repellent plant oils.

The 100ml squeezy tube is travel-friendly and the perfect size for your on-the-go swim bag. It's not just practical; it's also planet-friendly. Made from sugar cane plastic, it's a great step towards a greener planet. For every 1 kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, 3 kilos of C02 are removed from our atmosphere. This exchange can be described as climate-positive.


Did we mention that it is marine-friendly and Oxybenzone-free? Great news for marine life!



Green People was founded by Charlotte Vøhtz who was inspired to create natural, organic skincare solutions for her daughter’s allergies and eczema. They offer a wide range of products made with pure, organic ingredients. From baby skincare to sun protection, their products are designed to be gentle yet effective, ensuring your little ones get the best care without any harsh chemicals. Plus, they are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, making them a perfect choice for eco-conscious families.


We also asked Green People’s founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, for tips on getting the best protection from Green People’s natural and organic sun care for children.


Sun-safe tips from the experts

Apply plenty

To get the protection advertised on the tube, apply your SPF liberally, covering commonly missed spots such as the ears, nose and feet.

Apply early

SPF needs 20-30 minutes to be absorbed by the skin, so make sure you leave plenty of time to apply it before you paddle by the shore.

Reapply regularly

No sunscreen will stay on the skin all day, so regardless of which SPF you choose for you and your family, you’ll need to make sure that you apply enough and reapply it regularly.

Seek shade often

Always follow sun safety rules and encourage your family to seek shade during peak sun hours, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Don’t forget the after sun

Keep your child’s skin soft and hydrated with Green People’s Organic Children Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun.  Certified organic and naturally rich in soothing aloe vera, this gentle lotion keeps young skin happy, healthy, and hydrated.


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