mioduo prefold

mioduo prefold
mioduo prefold
mioduo prefold

mioduo prefold

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The mioduo prefold is a onesize cotton insert that can be used with any cloth diaper cover and is suitable to use from baby to toddler.

  • mioduo prefold is one part of Bambino Mio's mioduo two-piece diaper.
  • Onesize* prefold can be used with any water resistant outer cover.
  • Created for dryness - super absorbent layers of cotton keep wetness away from the skin.
  • Naturally soft - designed to feel better with 100% breathable cotton.
  • Made for you - fold your inserts for tummy sleepers and add extra inserts to maximize absorbency for heavy wetters.
  • Easy to wash and dry - extremely fast drying time for quick diaper turnaround.
  • 4 prefolds per pack.
  • Made from 100% cotton.

*True for most babies but due to a wide range of shapes and sizes this cannot be guaranteed.

*True for most, but due to the wide range of babies’ shapes and sizes, this cannot be guaranteed.



Onesize prefold that can be used with two sizes of covers


Ultimate comfort with super absorbent layers of fabric


Made from 100% cotton fibers


Remain super soft wash after wash for the most comfortable bottom

Product Care

Washing: Wash before use. Machine wash with enzyme-free detergent up to 140°F. Do not use fabric softener. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not dry clean. To add a boost to your laundry, add a dash of laundry treatment to your laundry.

Drying: Air dry away from direct heat. Can be tumble dried on a cold/low setting. Do not iron.

TIP: Be kind to your diapers - to get the most out of them, wash at lower temperatures. Washing at higher temperatures and frequent tumble drying can result in premature deterioration of your diapers. Download our laundry guide.

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