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Des indispensables qui changent la vie, pour que changer la couche soit toujours aussi facile. Livrés directement chez vous.

Des indispensables qui changent la vie, pour que changer la couche soit toujours aussi facile. Livrés directement chez vous.



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Revolutionary Reusable potty training pants

Potty train like a pro! Our award-winning pants teach young ones when it’s time to go and save tons of polluting pull-ups from landfill.

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Size - 2 - 3 years
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  • Builds confidence. Our potty training pants support your child's journey from nappies to undies.
  • Reliable. Built in layers catch small accidents.
  • Comfy. Soft and stretchy for toddlers on the move.
  • Smart. Wet feeling prompts a trip to the potty.
  • Fuss-free. Easy to put on, take off and wash.


How do they work?
How should I start potty training?
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Key Features
  • Catches dribbles
  • Builds confidence
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Easy to put on, take off and wash.


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Our potty training pants use a combination of cotton and polyester fibres allowing them to be super-soft against your child's skin but also easy to wash and quick to dry.

The absorbent area includes polyester padding and the external layer is laminated to provide waterproof protection when inevitable accidents happen.


80% cotton 20% polyester, laminated to polyurethane

    • 1

      How do you use them?


      Pop pants on when it's time to train and keep a few spare pairs handy to help them throughout the day.

    • 2

      How will they help my toddler?


      The underwear-like fit and pull-up style of our potty training pants helps encourage independence as they look and feel like big-kid pants. Be prepared for a few puddles and a little bit of washing and it won’t be long before you’re cheering every pee and poop into the potty!

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      How do you wash reusable potty training pants?


      After use, store for up to 3 days before washing. You can pop them in your machine along with other items and wash at 104°F. Finally, air dry or tumble dry on low.

    • 4

      How do you dry reusable potty training pants?


      We recommend air drying your pants either inside or outside whenever possible and away from direct heat. If necessary, our pants can be tumble-dried on a low/cold setting.

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      How will I know when my toddler is ready to potty train?


      For a stress-free move away from diapers, start potty training when your toddler is showing signs they are ready to give it a go. Are they able to stay dry for up to 2 hours or during a nap? Do they ask to be changed and dislike the feeling of being wet? Are they showing signs of independence by doing things themselves?

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      How should I get started with potty training?


      It’s often good to stay at home for the first few days of potty training, making it much easier to clear up the occasional accident. Get your toddler used to their potty, by letting them carry it around with them during the day and move it where they like. You could even sit them on the potty fully clothed and let them read a book or play. Keep the potty within easy reach or even have a couple of potties throughout the home.

      Read more of our potty training tips here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Fits very tight

Deborah Matter

potty training pants

Finally a small fit!

Having a small boy, finding things that fit him properly is hard. We got the smallest size and they are a snug fit, which for us, is good.

Marta Ingegnieri

potty training pants


es cierto que van muy bien para empezar a dejar el pañal, así­ no pasan directamente a las bragas o calzoncillos y pueden hacerlo paso a paso