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Des indispensables qui changent la vie, pour que changer la couche soit toujours aussi facile. Livrés directement chez vous.

Des indispensables qui changent la vie, pour que changer la couche soit toujours aussi facile. Livrés directement chez vous.



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Messless diaper liners

Our handy plant-based, poo-catching nappy liners take the mess out of change time.

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Pack - 1 pack
  • 100 diaper changes. Each roll includes 100 liners.
  • Excellent fit. We've updated them with a new and improved size (11.5cm x 29cm) for an excellent fit.
  • Helps remove poop. Catch poo and reduce staining of reusable diapers.
  • Natural and sustainable. Made from 100% renewable plant-based material.
  • Vegan. Never tested on animals.


What are they for?
How do you use them?
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Revolutionary Reusable Diaper

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Key Features
  • Catches poo
  • Defends against stains
  • Made from plants


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Made from 100% renewable plant-based material.

100% viscose

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      What are they for?


      While your baby is tiny, you may not need to use a liner at all. In the early days, their poop will be much less solid and will be absorbed by the core of the diaper. However, as your baby grows and needs more milk, they will begin to produce more poop and wee. When you start to wean them onto solid foods, their poop will change in consistency and a liner will allow you to be able to lift the poop out of the diaper and tip it down the loo.

    • 2

      How do you use them?


      To start, place one liner flat on top of the diaper, being careful not to fold. At change time, tip the poop down the loo and lift off the liner. Pop it in the waste bin but please don’t flush it (your loo will thank you). Replace the liner at every diaper change.

    • 3

      Do they add extra absorbency?


      No, Messless liners are a thin layer of material designed to catch solid poo however they will wick some moisture away.  For additional absorbency, add a booster to your diaper. 

    • 4

      How else do they help?


      If you are using a barrier cream on your baby, the liner will help to prevent the cream from getting on your diaper which, over time, will affect the performance.

    • 5

      How do you dispose of them?


      Each pack includes 100 liners which are designed to be used once.  Dispose of the liner after every diaper change by throwing it in your general waste.

    • 6

      Is there an alternative to disposable?


      Absolutely!  Although our messless liners are 100% plant-based, it's always better to opt for reusable products where possible. Our reusable liners are easy to wash and fast to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

These are great! Definitely helped while potty training my 2 year old


Far too small


I used to love Bambino Mio liners. However, with their rebranding, liners changed for worse. Size has literally been reduced to half. This might work for newborns, but it's as good as having no liner once your baby starts moving. Quality is terrible as well. Now my baby ends up with liners that leave some sort of lint stuck to her skin. I beg you, please go back to the good old ones. I had to ditch the last batch that I ordered and I am looking for a different brand now while I still have a few of the previous ones.

Jordyn K
Never realized…

how much I would need and come to love these! When I was researching cloth diapering, it was not something I had really paid attention to. I got my first 100 liners as part of a Bambino Mio diapering starter kit. Anytime my baby has a rash and needs triple paste on his bum, these are perfect barrier between baby cream and the diaper (so it doesn’t stick to the diaper—it will not wash off easily). They fit in all of my diapers (not just the Bambinos) by just folding the extra down. They are also super soft! I would recommend this inexpensive extra to anyone who is going to use cloth diapers!

Must have

These liners completely protect the diaper from becoming stained from solids, and a roll lasts quite a while! They make laundering diapers much easier following a poo