Goodbye diapers Hello undies

It’s potty training time, every child goes through it and so does every parent. But it doesn’t have to be a time of dread and tears, just prepare yourself for a few puddles and lots of laundry and it won’t be long before you’re cheering that little bit of liquid in the potty!

When is the right time to start?

It is really important that your child is ready to give up using diapers. If they are not, the process can become quite stressful for both parent and child. As with all developmental stages it is only when your child is ready that success can be achieved. You may want to consider waiting if you have recently had a new baby, moved house or your child has started going to pre-school to avoid any added pressure.If possible, it’s a good idea to start when the weather is warm. This means that your child can wear less clothing than normal and you may want to go diaper-free. In the early days your child may not give you much notice before they are ready to use the potty so summer potty training makes the process simpler.

No Pressure Zone

Don't try to potty train by a certain date. Time pressure can cause you and your child unnecessary stress.

If your child is showing two or more of the following signs you may want to start your potty training journey.


Your toddler can stay
dry for up to two hours or during a nap.


They let you know when they need to go to the bathroom.


They imitate your behavior and follow you to the bathroom.


They're showing signs of independence by doing things themselves.


They ask to be changed and dislike the feeling of being wet.

Taking the first step

It’s often good to stay at home for the first few days of potty training, making it much easier to clear up the odd accident. To begin, familiarize your child with their potty, so let them carry it around with them during the day and involve the potty when playing. You could even sit them on the potty fully clothed and let them read a book or play. At first keep the potty within easy reach during your daily activities but once your child gets into the habit of using it, the potty can be left in the bathroom.

Routine is key in this process. Rather than waiting for your child to tell you when they need to go, you could try to sit your toddler on the potty at regular intervals during the day and especially after meal times to get them used to the idea. Ask your child regularly if they would like to use the potty, but take care not to overwhelm with questioning and look for signs in your child’s behavior that may indicate they need to use the potty.

Be prepared for setbacks

Be ready for the odd accident even when you think you have got it mastered. Carry spare clothing with you and always use potty training pants, especially for long trips when out and about. If you continue to have lots of accidents follow your instincts and be guided by your child. Perhaps take a step back and remember to praise the successes and reassure your child if there are any accidents.

What happens at night

If your child is potty training during the day this may not mean they are automatically trained to get through the night. It could take up to two years for your child to stay completely dry at night time. Continue to use diapers to start with and then move to potty training pants. Pop your child on the potty just before bedtime and as soon as they wake. However, you may want to invest in a waterproof fitted mattress protector to shield their mattress of any accidents.

Making potty training fun!

A potty training reward chart is an ideal way to reward your child and help them understand their potty training journey. Use stickers and place them on the chart or even to decorate their potty after every success. Mimic their favorite toys using the potty to show them how it works and eliminate any fears they may have. Reading a potty related story can also prove successful to get your child engaged. Most importantly relax, stay calm and try to enjoy this new stage with your child. Your child will succeed eventually and those diaper days will soon be just a happy memory!

Mix & Match


Potty Training Pants

Perfect step away from diapers towards undies!


Lightweight and portable for quick reach without fuss

Step Stool

Sturdy stool for those hard to reach areas

Fitted Mattress Protector

2-in-1 waterproof sheet to protect against little accidents

Toilet Training Seat

Training seat to help ease the switch from practice potty to toilet

When it comes to choosing the right potty training products for your child, there are a few important features you should be looking for. Ensure that the products are easy to clean as you will be doing a lot of this and be sure that they are sturdy with non-slip surfaces to ensure the ultimate safety for your toddler.

Unlike diapers, potty training pants can be pulled up and down by your toddler and really do make them feel like a big kid. Reusable potty training pants will hold small accidents saving outer clothes, socks and shoes from getting wet. But unlike disposable training pants they will not take the moisture away from the skin. Using potty training pants is a vital part of potty training as your child will notice the difference between wet and dry.

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