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laundry bags
laundry bags

laundry bags

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Mesh laundry bags to make washing your cloth diapers as easy as possible. Ideal for use with a Bambino Mio diaper pail.

  • Large mesh laundry bags which can store an entire load.
  • Removes the need for rehandling used diapers when transferring them into the washing machine.
  • Designed to fit onto concealed internal hooks inside the Bambino Mio diaper pail.
  • Available in packs of two; this allows one bag to be in use while the other is in the washing machine.

Product Care

Machine wash hot up to 140°F. Do not use chlorine bleach. May be tumble dried on cold/low. Do not iron.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie S
Good Idea

Wasn't convinced we needed one of these, but so glad I got it on a whim. It makes laundry time so easy! It's like one of those mesh bags for your underthings, but so much bigger. Just grab from the pail and put directly in wash, no problems. Good idea and great product.

Great meshbags

I use these with the mio pail and they are so easy to use. Just line the pail with one and when its full sling the whole bag in the laundry. No touching dirty diapers! Fantastic! The two pack is super useful, you always have a spare to use when one is in the wash.

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