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For over 25 years, we’ve made diapers that are better for babies, parents and our planet. Now, we’re leading a Reusable Revolution to free the world of single-use diapers, once and for all.

We’re fighting on behalf of the smallest of us to stop adding to the mess they might have to clean up in the future. To give children a cleaner, safer tomorrow to grow up in, we’re tackling throwaway culture today.

And we're starting from the bottom up.

Why we do what we do...


Lowers carbon emission that contribute to global climate change.


Use less materials and energy to limit waste and preserve resources


Challenge the status quo and use our voices and choices to effect change.

Together, we’ve saved


single-use diapers from polluting our planet

We love a good

For over 25 years, we’ve been on a mission to change nappies from the bottom up so we’re proud to be a B Corp Certified business, joining a growing community of conscious and progressive businesses intent on being a force for good.


We're proud to partner with

Around the world, thousands of planet-friendly parents have chosen to lessen their environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, safer future for us all.

They are BambassadorsTM

Every person, big or small, that supports our Reusable Revolution is part of our community.

From the planet-friendly parents who we champion at every chance we get to the wriggly little revolutionaries who start fighting for their future before they can even walk to the influential collaborators who help us spread the word about changing the world.

Bambassadors are a growing family of kindred spirits.